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During this period when staying in communication is so valuable, we're working to put advertising opportunities within reach for more organizations. Save 30% on Voice advertising through the summer.

Who reads The Voice?

The Voice is distributed as a benefit of Chorus America membership to over 2,500 North American choral leaders: music directors, chorus executive directors and administrators, composers, singers, board members, music businesses, arts organizations, and libraries.

What do readers say about The Voice?Bronze Award

94 percent of readers rate the quality of content and level of writing in The Voice as good or excellent; 50 percent save each copy for future reference; 52 percent share their copies with at least 1 or more other people.

Who advertises in The Voice?

Regular contributors include tour companies, performance apparel firms, music merchandisers, composers, festivals and workshops, music and book publishers, and choruses of every kind.



Advertising rates for The Voice (below) are among the most economical in the arts. Chorus America Business, Affiliate, and Chorus members are eligible for substantial discounts. Place four ads throughout one year ("4x plan") to receive the lowest rates. We offer a range of ad sizes, as well as both black & white and color options.

2020 Advertising Rates

*Save 30% on Voice advertising through the summer. During this period when staying in communication is so valuable, we're working to put advertising opportunities within reach for more organizations.

Page Size 4x Rate (per ad) *Members 1x Rate *Members Nonmembers
Full Page $1,010 $1,195 ($1,305) $1,525 ($1,700)
2/3 Vertical  $730 $910 ($1,005) $1,150 ($1,300)
1/2 Horizontal  $610 $705 ($780) $855 ($950)
1/3 Vertical  $450 $550 ($625) $655 ($715)
1/3 Square  $450 $550 ($625) $635 ($715)
1/6 Vertical  $300 $325 ($375) $395 ($425)
1/9 Vertical  $175 $190 ($220) $190 ($250)
Covers color included $1,525 $1,775 ($1,950) $2,055 ($2,250)
Center Spread color included $1,775 $2,100 ($2,325) $2,570 ($2,800)


Color Fee

Additional fee of $250 added to space rate, except for covers and center spread.

Summer Issue Pricing 

Pricing for 1x reservations in the Summer issue shown in parentheses ( ). In addition to its mailing circulation, the Summer Voice is distributed to over 500 choral leaders at the Chorus America Conference

Pre-payment for 4x Contracts

Get 5% off your total ad space costs by pre-paying for all four ad insertions when the order is placed.


Ad Sizes

View the following information as a PDF (600 kb)

Full Page with Bleed 8.75" w x 11.25" h   Full Page No Bleed 7.5" w x 10" h
Full Page with Bleed   Full Page No Bleed
2/3 Vertical 4.75" w x 9.75" h   1/2 Horizontal 7.5" w x 4.75" h   1/3 Square 4.75" w x 4.75" h   1/3 Vertical 2.5" w x 9.75" h
2/3 Vertical ad   1/2 Horizontal ad   1/3 Square Ad   1/3 Vertical Ad
1/6 Vertical 2.5" w x 4.75" h   1/9 Vertical 2.5" w x 3" h        
1/6 Vertical Ad   1/9 Vertical Ad        

Cover Options

Inside Front or Inside Back Cover with Bleed 8.75" w x 11.25" h   Inside Front or Inside Back Cover No Bleed 7.5" w x 10" h   Back Cover with Bleed 8.75" w x 8.875" h   Back Cover No Bleed 7.5" w x 7.75" h
 Inside Front/Inside Back Cover with Bleed   Inside Front/Inside Back Cover No Bleed   Back Cover with Bleed   Back Cover No Bleed

Center Spread Options

Center Spread with Bleed 17.25" w x 11.25" h   Center Spread No Bleed 16" w x 10" h
Center Spread with Bleed   Center Spread No Bleed 


Mechanical Requirements

Ads MUST be submitted according to the specifications outlined above—advertiser is responsible for design fees incurred adjusting ads to fit published specifications.

Color: Non-color ads, including logos and images used within the ad, MUST be black & white; 4-color ads must be in CMYK. No RGB or spot color art accepted.

Digital Requirements: Minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Preferred format is press-quality PDF, TIFF, or JPEG. Advertiser is responsible for resolution quality of ad submitted. Ads also accepted in MAC format: InDesign CS3, Illustrator CS3, and Photoshop CS3. PC files accepted in Illustrator with fonts converted to outlines. Other PC formats may require font substitution. All placed images, fonts, and file specifications must be included.

Trim size: 8.5" x 11"

Binding: Saddle-stitched

A Note about Bleed Ads: Sizes above include 0.125" bleed on all sides. All non-bleeding information, such as type and logos, should be within 0.25" from the trim edge. Bleed must be included on artwork and crop marks offset by 0.125".


Place an Ad

To place an ad, click on the PDF form:


Please send your completed form to the Chorus America office by the appropriate deadline:


Mail: 1200 18th St. NW, Suite 1250, Washington, DC  20036

Fax: 202.331.7599

Issue Reservation Deadline  Artwork Due
Winter 2019-20  November 8 November 22 
Spring 2020 January 24 February 8
Summer 2020 May 15 May 22
Fall 2020 July 31 August 7
Winter 2020-21 October 23 November 6



Contact advertising and development associate KellyAnn Nelson at or call 202-331-7577 x247.


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