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High Notes is an online news digest for the choral music community, curated by the Chorus America staff. Here, find links to the latest news, videos, and commentary on music, culture, and nonprofit operations. High Notes also includes information about policy issues that affect the choral field and advocacy alerts. View posts below or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Additional Advocacy Information
Chorus America is a member of the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA), a national coalition of nonprofit arts service organizations advocating for federal policies that impact the nonprofit performing arts sector. Membership in Chorus America includes membership in PAA and you can learn more about PAA's policy agenda in the PAA Advocacy Center.

Chorus America also partners with the Americans for the Arts Action Fund to mobilize support for the arts and arts education around the country. You can learn more about the Arts Action Fund's work to advance all the arts in America through its online Action Center.

The Top 10 Skills Children Learn from the Arts

Liza Beth | Children/Youth, Civic Engagement, Education, Impact/Value, Participation, Research/Data, Schools, Singing

We've all heard a lot about the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math), but what about adding the arts to that mix?Read more

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A National Culture of Singing

Liza Beth | Audiences, Civic Engagement, Impact/Value, Participation, Singing

What does it look like to have singing at the center of your nation's culture?Read more

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Any Choral Earworms Out There?

Liza Beth | Audiences, General, Research/Data, Singing

Almost everyone has experienced the phenomenon of the "earworm," a tune that gets stuck in your head that you just can't shake out. In fact, it happens to 90% of people at least once per week. Researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London are...Read more

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Jump Start Your Chorus's Web Presence for Free (or Cheap)

Liza Beth | Audiences, Community Outreach, Innovation, Marketing/Public Relations, Social Media, Technique/Tool, Technology

Staying on top of new technology is on many arts organizations' to-do lists for the coming year. This collection of 85 Low-Cost or Free Web-Based Tools for Nonprofits from Nonprofit Tech 2.0 is a great place to start.Read more

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What the New Year WON'T Bring for the Arts

Liza Beth | Audiences, Civic Engagement, General, Impact/Value, Innovation

As a counterpoint to the many predictions about what will happen in the arts world during 2013, Barry Hessenius of Barry's Blog writes about what likely will not happen.Read more

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When Medicine and Music Intersect

Liza Beth | General, Health, Technique/Tool

William Carlos Williams famously wrote poetry and practiced medicine.Read more

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Rocco Landesman Reflects

Liza Beth | Civic Engagement, Education, General, Government/Policy, Impact/Value, Research/Data

Outgoing National Endowment for the Arts chair Rocco Landesman reflects on what's new and what's next for the arts in this exit interview with Barry's Blog.Read more

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What Are Your Choral Musical Moments?

Liza Beth | Composing/Commissioning, Impact/Value, Performance, Repertoire

Why, exactly, do certain musical moments stay with us long after the sounds have faded from our ears?Read more

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The Audience as Co-Composer

Liza Beth | Audiences, Community Outreach, Composing/Commissioning, Innovation, Technology

Composer Tod Machover and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra have been hard at work on an "interactive symphony" that incorporates city sounds recorded and submitted by the public. Their newest project is a digital app that allows people to remix certain...Read more

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#GivingTuesday: Let's Do the Numbers

Liza Beth | Civic Engagement, Community Outreach, Fundraising, Impact/Value, Participation, Social Media, Volunteer

#GivingTuesday's success may make it a new holiday tradition, writes Raymund Flandez in this Chronicle of Philanthropy article. Created as an alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday brought nonprofits together around a common message...Read more

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