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High Notes is an online news digest for the choral music community, curated by the Chorus America staff. Here, find links to the latest news, videos, and commentary on music, culture, and nonprofit operations. High Notes also includes information about policy issues that affect the choral field and advocacy alerts. View posts below or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Additional Advocacy Information
Chorus America is a member of the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA), a national coalition of nonprofit arts service organizations advocating for federal policies that impact the nonprofit performing arts sector. Membership in Chorus America includes membership in PAA and you can learn more about PAA's policy agenda in the PAA Advocacy Center.

Chorus America also partners with the Americans for the Arts Action Fund to mobilize support for the arts and arts education around the country. You can learn more about the Arts Action Fund's work to advance all the arts in America through its online Action Center.

Arts Programs that Really Reach Tweens

Liza Beth | Audiences, Children/Youth, Community Outreach, Education, Research/Data

How can high-quality arts programs attract and retain low-income urban tweens?Read more

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Boys to Men

Liza Beth | Education, Singing, Technique/Tool

As its boy sopranos start experiencing puberty earlier and earlier, the St. Thomas Boys Choir is having a hard time maintaining the legacy of choirmaster Johann Sebastian Bach, reports The New York Times Magazine.Read more

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...for Patron Cultivation

Liza Beth | Audiences, Fundraising, Marketing/Public Relations

Is your chorus about to miss what might be your best patron cultivation opportunity all year?Read more

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What Makes Music Scary?

Lauren Rosenthal | Composing/Commissioning, Repertoire, Singing

What makes a piece of music scary? From Verdi to Wagner to Mahler, the right combination of notes can create a bone-chilling reaction.Read more

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A "Sticky" Idea from a Choral Singer

Liza Beth | Singing

Sometimes we do our best thinking while singing. Art Fry, a long-time choir singer from Minnesota and one of the two men credited with the invention of the Post-It note, came up with the idea because his song page markers kept falling out of his hymnal.Read more

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Taking Flash Mobs a Step Further

Liza Beth | Audiences, Community Outreach, Marketing/Public Relations, Participation, Social Media

We've all seen the viral videos: singers gathering in a train station or mall food court to treat unsuspecting bystanders to a surprise performance. But recently, organizations have been taking their art to the streets in more participatory ways.Read more

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Time to Stop Celebrating Anniversaries?

Liza Beth | Audiences, Marketing/Public Relations

Much of classical music coverage is organized around composer's birthdays and deaths - for example, the Britten centenary.Read more

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The Changing Role of Nonprofit Websites

Liza Beth | Impact/Value, Marketing/Public Relations, Research/Data, Technology

Nonprofits expect that their social media strategy will change rapidly, but many don't understand that their websites need to constantly evolve as well, writes Colleen Dilenschneider on her Know Your Own Bone blog.Read more

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Getting a Jump on the Giving Season

Liza Beth | Fundraising, Technology

Labor Day traditionally signals the end of summer, but it may also be when donors start thinking about their year-end giving. A new research study by Google shows that the number of donation-related searches on the site jumped 30% between August and...Read more

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Why Sad Songs Make Us Happy

Liza Beth | Research/Data, Science, Singing

Sad music doesn't necessarily give us the blues - in fact, studies have shown that people find listening to music in a minor key more enjoyable. This Japanese study tries to get to the bottom of why that's the case.Read more

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