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High Notes is an online news digest for the choral music community, curated by the Chorus America staff. Here, find links to the latest news, videos, and commentary on music, culture, and nonprofit operations. High Notes also includes information about policy issues that affect the choral field and advocacy alerts. View posts below or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Additional Advocacy Information
Chorus America is a member of the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA), a national coalition of nonprofit arts service organizations advocating for federal policies that impact the nonprofit performing arts sector. Membership in Chorus America includes membership in PAA and you can learn more about PAA's policy agenda in the PAA Advocacy Center.

Chorus America also partners with the Americans for the Arts Action Fund to mobilize support for the arts and arts education around the country. You can learn more about the Arts Action Fund's work to advance all the arts in America through its online Action Center.

Of Noise, Music, and Silence: Why What We Listen to Matters

Chorus America Staff | Science

"Although excessive noise has been harmful in a number of ways, music has been shown to improve children with learning disabilities, help elders feel more connected to the world, and even get people into better shape. It provides children with a 'hook...Read more

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Nonprofit Board Responsibilities: Governance vs. Support

Chorus America Staff | Finance, Governance

What are the responsibilities of the board as a body, and what are the responsibilities of each individual board member? Read more from Blue Avocado. Read more

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Redesigning Your Website? 7 Steps to Strategic Digital Communication

Chorus America Staff | Strategic Planning, Technology

First, a Mindset Shift "Here’s the most important thing you’re going to learn in this entire article: you aren’t actually redesigning your website (or you shouldn’t be). You are re-energizing the ways in which you engage with your constituents in the...Read more

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Is It Time to Retire the Term "Classical Music"?

Chorus America Staff | Marketing/Public Relations

"We all know that the sweeping changes that have transformed Earth and its human population over the past century and a quarter had to be expressed in human art. And though the change from year to year is balanced by much that stays the same,...Read more

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How Arts Orgs are Adapting to Younger Generations

Chorus America Staff | Fundraising

"Older philanthropists often want traditional performances, time-intensive personal relationships and their communications in writing. Their younger counterparts want cutting-edge concerts tied to social issues, more episodic contact, and electronic...Read more

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Music Training Enhances Children's Verbal Intelligence

Chorus America Staff | Research/Data, Science

"A just-published study from Canada suggests early music education stimulates a child’s brain, leading to improved performance in an entirely different arena—verbal intelligence.Read more

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How Steve Jobs Changed Music

Chorus America Staff | Impact/Value, Innovation, Profile, Technology

"With Jobs' death on Wednesday, one can't help but begin to consider his place in music history. Were he and his iPod as influential as Ahmet Ertegun, Berry Gordy or Thomas Edison, the man who invented the phonograph? Absolutely. Did he change the...Read more

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Today's American Choral Scene

Chorus America Staff | Impact/Value

How is the American choral music scene faring these days? Radio host Tom Hall (WYPR 88.1) talks with Ann Meier Baker, president & CEO of Chorus America, and Frank Nemhauser, director of the Berkshire Choral Festival. Listen to the podcast.Read more

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Performance of the Day: The Really Big Chorus Sings Karl Jenkins' "Agnus Dei"

Chorus America Staff | Civic Engagement, Participation, Singing

The Really Big Chorus recorded Karl Jenkins' "Agnus Dei" at Abbey Road studios as part of Global Sing for Peace, commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11: Read more

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Recap: Future of Music Policy Summit 2011

Chorus America Staff | Legal/Licensing, Technology

"The Future of Music Coalition kicked off its annual policy summit on Monday, in Washington, D.C. This year, the focus of the conference--an annual look at music shifts and trends in the areas of policy, technology, and law--is the ways in which...Read more

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