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High Notes is an online news digest for the choral music community, curated by the Chorus America staff. Here, find links to the latest news, videos, and commentary on music, culture, and nonprofit operations. High Notes also includes information about policy issues that affect the choral field and advocacy alerts. View posts below or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Additional Advocacy Information
Chorus America is a member of the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA), a national coalition of nonprofit arts service organizations advocating for federal policies that impact the nonprofit performing arts sector. Membership in Chorus America includes membership in PAA and you can learn more about PAA's policy agenda in the PAA Advocacy Center.

Chorus America also partners with the Americans for the Arts Action Fund to mobilize support for the arts and arts education around the country. You can learn more about the Arts Action Fund's work to advance all the arts in America through its online Action Center.

Building the Musical Muscle

Chorus America Staff | Technology

Cochlear implants may help restore hearing in those with hearing loss, but they don't give people a full experience of music...yet. Read more

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Western Union Resuscitates the Singing Telegram

Chorus America Staff | Singing

"[Western Union has launched] the microsite wu-singingtelegram.com, which will facilitate sending the audio messages via email.Read more

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LA Phil and Bard College Prepare Teachers to Lead El Sistema-Inspired Programs

Chorus America Staff | Civic Engagement, Community Outreach, Management/Leadership

"The Los Angeles Philharmonic has announced a new Masters of Arts in Teaching degree, in partnership with the Longy School of Music and Bard College, to position high-level musicians as socially-conscious, engaging teachers in El Sistema-inspired...Read more

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Is Offering Cheaper Tickets to Young People a Form of Age Discrimination?

Chorus America Staff | Management/Leadership, Marketing/Public Relations

"Hat tip to Thomas Cott at You’ve Cott Mail for making us aware that attempts to attract younger audiences through special pricing may be a form of age discrimination. The D.C.Read more

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Performance of the Day: Lorelei Ensemble, "Dona Nobis Pacem"

Chorus America Staff | Performance

Lorelei, the first all-female ensemble-in-residence at Boston University's Marsh Chapel, rehearses composer Scott Ordway’s “Dona Nobis Pacem”:Read more

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Musicians May Experience Less Age-Related Hearing Loss Than Non-Musicians

Chorus America Staff | Health, Research/Data

"Investigators wanted to determine if lifelong musicianship protects against normal hearing decline in later years, specifically for central auditory processing associated with understanding speech. Hearing problems are prevalent in the elderly, who...Read more

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Artist Turns Weather Data into Musical Score Sculpture

Chorus America Staff | Innovation

"Each sculpture not only maps the meteorological landscape of a specific time and place, but is also a fully functional musical score to be played and interpreted by musicians on instruments as varied as piano, French horn and electric guitar."Read more

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Missing This Year: GRAMMY's "Best Classical Album" Category

Chorus America Staff | Awards

"Among the deletions were Best Classical Crossover Album, merged vocal and chamber/small group music categories and – most importantly – the dissolution of the Best Classical Album category.Read more

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Christmas Carols: Why Do We Keep Singing Them?

Chorus America Staff | Singing

"Consider the bizarreness of the product at hand: At face value, the Christmas carol may be the least captivating style of occasional song. While other popular tunes arise from passion or desire, heroism or defeat, the Yuletide songbook is a catalog...Read more

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