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Chorus America is a member of the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA), a national coalition of nonprofit arts service organizations advocating for federal policies that impact the nonprofit performing arts sector. Membership in Chorus America includes membership in PAA and you can learn more about PAA's policy agenda in the PAA Advocacy Center.

Chorus America also partners with the Americans for the Arts Action Fund to mobilize support for the arts and arts education around the country. You can learn more about the Arts Action Fund's work to advance all the arts in America through its online Action Center.

  • by Chorus America Staff

    10,000 voices sing "Ode to Joy"

  • by Chorus America Staff

    "Research suggests that there may be psychological reasons why some songs are more likely to stick, including memory triggers, emotional states and even stress. Some researchers hope to better understand why this happens and figure out what, if anything, music memory can teach psychologists about how to treat patients dealing with memory loss."

  • by Chorus America Staff

    Is appoggiatura the essential ingredient in a good "broken-heart" love song? NPR examines Adele's "Someone Like You" hit and why it's so effective.

    Read/listen more from NPR in two articles: 

  • by Jan-Marie Petersen

    A round-up of this year's classical music GRAMMY Award winners:

    Best Choral Performance

    Light & Gold

    Eric Whitacre, conductor (Christopher Glynn & Hila Plitmann; The King's Singers, Laudibus, Pavão Quartet & The Eric Whitacre Singers)

  • by Chorus America Staff

    "When asked if anything from her opera training has stayed with her, Streep replied: 'I learned the importance of breath. There was a thing I learned in my lessons from Estelle -- to breathe from your back. She would always say, there's room in the back -- that you expand three dimensionally. ... I use it all.'"

  • by Chorus America Staff

    "In a world where listeners no longer define themselves along firm genre lines, music is increasingly just that – music. As a result, we are now witnessing a musician-led movement gleefully adopted by listeners, in which classical is being rebranded from the ground up. Even the term 'classical' itself seems obsolete in the face of what's being produced and consumed."

  • by Chorus America Staff
  • by Chorus America Staff

  • by Chorus America Staff

    The GRAMMY Awards for classical music will be announced this Sunday, February 12. You can tune in by watching live streaming video at www.grammy.com/live beginning at 4:00 p.m. ET/1:00 p.m. PT.

    View the list of nominees.



  • by Chorus America Staff

    Two Chorus America member choruses performed at last night's Super Bowl in Indianapolis, IN. Bravi tutti—way to represent choral music!

    Before kick-off, the Indianapolis Children's Choir performed the "Star Spangled Banner" with Kelly Clarkson:

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