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Love all the carols. Behind the Clouds is just haunting and lovely, Abbie. Thanks for sharing it...

Posted 4 years 26 weeks ago in reply to Carrying on a Family Tradition of Carol Writing (view )

A group of friends and I experienced the 40-part Motet last weekend...just stunning. We wandered...

Posted 4 years 30 weeks ago in reply to Encircled by Sound: Janet Cardiff’s “Forty Part Motet” (view )

I have been struggling to memorize several art song, music theater pieces. I have found that...

Posted 5 years 2 weeks ago in reply to Should Choruses Memorize Their Music? (view )

Tell me more what you have in mind and I may be able to help...or at least brainstorm with you...

Posted 5 years 8 weeks ago in reply to Singing and Psychological Well-Being (view )

This is fabulous...makes me cry.


Posted 5 years 35 weeks ago in reply to “Call Me Maybe” Gets a Choral Twist (view )

I loved reading this too...there is nothing quite like singing a composition where the text and...

Posted 5 years 42 weeks ago in reply to The Art of Setting Text (view )

You are a beautiful writer, Matthew...thank you for this lovely piece about Alice.

Posted 5 years 46 weeks ago in reply to Alice Parker: The Belle of Hawley (view )

These are just beautiful stories...thanks for sharing everyone!

Posted 6 years 2 weeks ago in reply to Mothers and Music Education: The Influence and the Impact (view )

I hope you'll let us know what you find out in Germany this spring. The way these beautiful...

Posted 6 years 12 weeks ago in reply to Music To Die For: Why We Love Requiems (view )

With a large choir, allowing for questions can quickly get out of hand. The choirs I sing in now...

Posted 6 years 17 weeks ago in reply to Questions During Rehearsal? (view )


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