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The American Choral Review (ACR) is a biannual journal exploring choral repertoire and issues of performance practice pertaining to music of all periods, as well as commenting on recent scores, recordings, books, and performances. The ACR strives to make recent research more widely known to conductors, and to bring great as well as lesser-known repertoire to the attention of the choral community at large.

Call for Papers, Book Reviews and Repertoire Reviews
Topic: The Reformation and Choral Music
Deadline: September 15, 2017
In this important Reformation anniversary year, the Editorial Board of The American Choral
Review is soliciting short papers discussing the topic of the Reformation and choral music, book
reviews on the topic, and new choral pieces on the topic of the Reformation. The publication will
take place during November 2017, marking the 500th Anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses
famously posted on the doors of the Castle Church, and several churches in Wittenberg.

Paper lengths will not be more than 5000 words, not including supporting excerpts or charts.

Submission guidelines

  1. Submissions are encouraged for articles in the range of 4,000 words, and should be e-mailed directly to Timothy Newton, Editor at
  2. Articles should be submitted electronically as MS Word files, double-spaced, with margins of 1-1.5 inches. Footnotes and citations should follow the guidelines set forth in The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions for all musical examples and figures, which must be submitted as JPEG files (minimum 1200 dpi).
  3. To allow for blind review by the ACR Editorial Board, manuscripts should not contain any identifying marks. Name, address and contact information for the author should be contained in the body of the submission e-mail only.
  4. There is no deadline for submissions; articles are reviewed as received. Authors should expect a response within four weeks of submission.

Ideas for reviews of scores, recordings, books and performances are welcome at any time, and should also be e-mailed directly to the Editor.

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