Choral Music Director

Seattle Metropolitan Singers
Seattle, WA
Type of Position: 
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, February 28, 2021

About Us

The Seattle Metropolitan Singers (the MET) is a treble chorus of the Seattle Glee Clubs (SGC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) community choral organization serving metropolitan Seattle. Seattle Glee Clubs is a member of Chorus America and the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium. 


Vision & Mission
With roots back to 1995, and established as a non-profit in 2001, Seattle Glee Clubs is a community of individuals who share a passion for producing and sharing music.  Our organization is grounded in a deep respect and love for the value of every human being.  We believe that music has the power to unify.  We raise up our collective voices to inspire joy, beauty and hope.  



Seattle Glee Clubs comprises the Seattle Metropolitan Singers and the Offbeats. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. We recognize this is an evolving process. It requires intention and attention to member recruitment, musical selections, and audience outreach.


The MET is an adult choir that performs choral music within the soprano and alto ranges. We invite members from across the gender spectrum and from the novice to the experienced to join us.


The Choral Music Director of the MET is directly responsible to the SGC Board of Trustees(Board).  The requirements of the Choral Music Director fall within five key areas, outlined below.


  1. Leadership
    1. Provide artistic direction and leadership to help achieve the SGC / MET vision.
    2. Annually develop a comprehensive artistic plan that provides the basis for the budget, fundraising, and planning.
    3. Select repertoire and present recommendations for the next concert season to the volunteer Metropolitan Administrative Committee (MAC) by April for use in developing the next fiscal budget.
    4. Advise the MAC on all artistic aspects of the MET.  Attend and participate in Board meetings as often as possible, as an ex-officio member. 


  1. Programming
    1. Establish and coordinate all artistic elements of MET musical production.  This requirement includes the selection of repertoire and production of performances.  Selected repertoire should:
      1. Reflect the MET mission and vision
      2. Attract and retain a broad spectrum of community audiences
    2. Work closely with the MAC to establish the basic conditions for performances to occur.  This includes:
      1. Recommending and securing concert dates and venues
      2. Arranging for an accompanying pianist
      3. Auditioning and selecting soloists and instrumentalists, within budget parameters


  1.  Music Preparation
    1. Prepare and conduct the chorus, soloists, and instrumentalists for all public and private appearances of the MET
    2. Prepare for and conduct weekly MET rehearsals; advise the MAC if additional rehearsals are required


  1. Chorus Development
    1. Recruit, audition, and select MET singers.
    2. Periodically conduct vocal assessments of MET singers for correct vocal placement in the choir or to create a smaller ensemble.


  1. Public Relations & Development
    1. Participate in fundraising initiatives/events, and in promotional opportunities to increase MET visibility and reputation.


Performance Review

The MAC will annually review the Choral Music Director’s performance of assigned duties and responsibilities and base its consideration for the renewal of this appointment on review results.  This job description will be the basis for the annual performance review.


Desired Qualifications and Skill Requirements

  • M.A. required; Doctorate preferred
  • At least 3-5 years’ experience conducting other amateur high school, college-level, community or church choruses
  • Experience conducting remote rehearsals and producing virtual performances
  • Ability to work with singers of varying skill levels
Compensation and Benefits: 

Compensation and Time Base: 

Compensation is commensurate with qualifications and skills as noted above.  Historically, the MET has rehearsed for 2 hours, one day a week starting after Labor Day.  Winter performances have included Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition, singing at retirements homes, and a formal winter concert in December.  After a holiday break, rehearsals start back up in January leading to spring concerts at retirements homes and a final formal spring concert in May or June.  The position is contractual, part-time, renewable every 2 years.  

Application Procedure: 

Application Procedure: 

Please email résumé/curriculum vitae, contact information and sample program(s), performance recordings and rehearsal video clips to  


Timeline: Applications accepted until February 28, 2021. Based on qualifications, there may be an initial phone screening. As applicants are narrowed, there will be further virtual or in person interviews.  Final selection timing is TBD.

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