Artistic Director and Conductor

Omaha Symphonic Chorus
Omaha, Nebraska
Type of Position: 
Application Deadline: 
Friday, February 14, 2020

The Omaha Symphonic Chorus (OSC) is a non-profit (501.3-c) community chorus serving the metropolitan Omaha region.  We are seeking to fill our Artistic Director position ahead of our next performance season (Fall 2020 - Spring 2021).


OSC's Mission:  Enrich the community with diverse experiences in live choral performance.


OSC's Vision:  To be valued through patronage and collaboration, and be recognized as a premier chorus in the greater Omaha community.


The Artistic Director and Conductor of the Omaha Symphonic Chorus is directly responsible to the OSC Board of Directors (BoD).  The requirements of the Artistic Director and Conductor fall within five key areas, outlined below.



1.  Provide artistic direction and leadership to help achieve OSC's vision.

2.  Develop annually a comprehensive artistic plan that provides the basis for the annual budget, fundraising, and planning.

3.  Select repertoire and present recommendations for the next concert season to the BoD by February for use in developing the next fiscal budget.

4.  Advise the BoD on all artistic aspects of OSC.  Attend and participate in monthly BoD meetings as often as possible.



1.  Establish and coordinate all artistic elements of OSC musical production.  This requirement includes the selection of repertoire and production of performances.  Selected repertoire should:

  • Reflect OSC's mission and vision
  • Attract and retain a broad spectrum of community audiences

2.  Work closely with the BoD to establish the basic conditions for performances to occur.  This includes:

  • Recommending and securing concert dates and venues
  • Arranging for a pianist
  • Auditioning and selecting soloists and instrumentalists, within budget parameters



1.  Prepare and conduct the chorus, soloists, and instrumentalists for all public and private appearances of OSC

  • Prepare for and conduct weekly OSC rehearsals; advise the BoD if additional rehearsals are required
  • The BoD and Artistic Director may periodically agree to retain a guest conductor to perform any or all of these duties.  Details will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.



1.  Recruit, audition, and select chorus singers for OSC

2.  Periodically conduct vocal assessments of OSC members to determine their continued ability to contribute to OSC artistic goals



1.  Take part in promotional opportunities (broadcast and print media) to increase OSC's visibility and reputation.


The Board of Directors will annually review the Artistic Director and Conductor's performance of assigned duties and responsibilities and base its consideration for the renewal of this appointment on these findings.  This job description will be the basis for the annual performance review.



  • M.A. required; PhD preferred
  • Experience conducting college-level or community choruses
  • Experience conducting orchestras
  • Ability to work with singers of varying skill levels


Compensation and Benefits: 

$14500 per annum, monthly installments 

Application Procedure: 

Please email resumé and contact information to the following:  (Vice President, OSC Board of Directors)  (President, OSC Board of Directors) (Member, OSC Board of Directors)

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