Basic Individual Membership Benefits

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As a basic individual member, you will have open access to a vast array of members-only content, including online articles, professional tools, and resources. The lock icon is the sign that only you as a member can access the content you see!

Moreover, be part of the Dialogue in each of our five topic areas—Advocacy & Research, Education & Training, Management & Governance, Conducting & Performing, and For Singers—, comment on articles, and submit your news to Member News.

Skillbuilding through professional development

Annual Conference: As a member you will receive a substantial registration discount to Chorus America's four-day Annual Conference, featuring high-quality plenary and breakout sessions with nationally renowned speakers and practitioners, concerts by leading choruses from the area, in-depth professional development seminars, expert consultations, peer-group meetings, and countless networking opportunities, including Buttonhole Consultations!

Subscriptions and discounts

You will receive The Voice as part of your membership, Chorus America's award-winning quarterly magazine with in-depth interviews and profiles, chorus news and activities, opinion and commentary, board leadership strategies, successful marketing and fundraising techniques, and advice on artistic issues.

In addition, members receive significant discounts on publications such as The Chorus Leadership Guide and Conductors Count: What Chorus Boards, Music Directors and Administrators Need to Know.

Chorus America staff at your service

Individualized and friendly assistance from the Chorus America staff to help answer your questions and track down information you need in a timely fashion.


Individual memberships are nontransferable. If an organization purchases the individual's membership and the employee leaves the organization, the membership goes with the individual who is named in the membership, not the organization.