Bass Section Leader

Elgin Master Chorale
Elgin, IL
Type of Position: 
Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, August 15, 2018




Reports to: EMC Music Director


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assist Music Director in rehearsals and serve as substitute director when needed.
  2. Meet periodically with the Music Director and/or Artistic Development Committee chair(s) to

a.      discuss strengths and weaknesses of the section, review improvement plan progress, and revise as needed;

b.      review section leader’s performance;

c.       address questions regarding the music for their section.

  1. Conduct sectional rehearsals from the keyboard as needed.
  2. Work with each singer in their respective section as needed.
  3. Assist section singers with music markings.
  4. Spot-check scores of individual singers.
  5. Assist the Music Director and Artistic Development Committee in evaluating singers.
  6. Advise the Music Director on the need for additional sectional rehearsals.
  7. Assist the Music Director with educational outreach activities and opportunities.
  8. Sing minor solos as assigned and serve as understudy for guest soloists as requested.
  9. Assist in communicating with section members outside of rehearsals if needed.



  1. Bachelor of Music degree or equivalent experience.
  2. Previous experience in teaching voice, conducting sectional rehearsals, and/or singing in a professional ensemble desired.
  3. Strong vocal technique.
  4. Excellent sight-reading ability.
  5. Sufficient piano skill to play a single vocal part.
  6. Knowledge of diction in English, Latin, German, French, and Italian.
  7. Ability to inspire and support the singers in their assigned section.
  8. Ability to attend all rehearsals and performances.
  9. Some daytime availability for educational outreach is desired.
  10. Thorough understanding of and ability to assist with rehearsal and concert etiquette.
  11. Ability and willingness to maintain and extend the Music Director’s vision within and outside the chorus.
  12. Comfortable in a shared leadership environment.
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Application Procedure: 

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