Associate Artistic Director

Encore Creativity for Older Adults
Churchton, Maryland
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Monday, October 15, 2018

Title                                            Associate Artistic Director

 Reports to                                 Artistic Director


Encore Creativity for Older Adults (Encore), founded in 2007, and headquartered in Churchton, MD (Baltimore/Washington/Annapolis metro area), is the nation’s largest choral program for adults over the age of 55.  Encore’s mission is to provide an excellent and accessible artistic environment for older adults, regardless of experience or ability, who seek arts education and performance opportunities under a professional artist. Encore is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

In its nearly eleven years of existence, Encore has grown to 21 choral groups in the Baltimore-Washington area, including 15 Encore Chorales and six Encore ROCKS rock & roll choruses.  Additionally, Encore has a Chorale and ROCKS in Manhattan, as well as affiliate programs in CA, CO, IL, OH, and PA. Encore currently serves nearly 2,000 singers.

Encore’s annual program consists of two fifteen-week “semesters” of rehearsing repertoire, followed by concerts that are free and open to the public.  All groups rehearse the same music, enabling them to come together for concerts with as many as 250 singers in any one performance.  Concerts are held at high quality, high visibility locations including the Kennedy Center and recently, DAR Constitution Hall.

In addition to the rehearse/perform cycles, Encore conducts three “summer camps” per year.  Two of the camps concentrate on the traditional choral repertoire while one is a rock & roll camp.  The camps are usually five days in duration.

Encore also offers a travel program, with singers traveling and performing in Europe, North America and on cruise ships.  There is typically one of these events per year, usually in late May or early June.

Encore’s program participants pay tuition for Chorale participation which accounts for 42% of revenue.  The remaining revenue breakdown is: special programs (camps and travel) 31%; contributions and sponsorships 24%; grants 2%; and miscellaneous income 1%.

In view of the above, Encore’s operating tempo is intense year-round.  Well managed and continuous growth is a priority in Encore’s three-year Business and Strategic Plan.  This requires an inspired, committed and visionary Associate Artistic Director who will work closely with the Artistic Director.

With an annual operating budget of approximately $1 million, Encore is governed by an engaged and supportive 9-member board of directors. There are currently three staff members providing administrative support and ten conductors.


The Associate Artistic Director of Encore Creativity for Older Adults (Encore) assists the Artistic Director is developing, organizing, leading, conducting, coordinating and controlling Encore’s overall artistic program and related operations, adhering to the highest professional standards consistent with the objectives and policies established by Encore’s Board of Directors (Board).  The Associate Artistic Director supports and implements the philosophy and policies established by the Board and is accountable and reports to the Artistic Director of Encore.  The Associate Artistic Director assists in developing and implementing Encore’s artistic vision and, with the Artistic Director, is responsible for organizing and coordinating related program operations and procedures to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency.


The Associate Artistic Director should have, at a minimum, a Master’s degree in music, preferably with an emphasis in conducting and voice performance.  Strong piano skills are required, including ability to conduct rehearsals from the piano.  Experience in vocal technique, individual and group vocal classes, and music administration is required.  Demonstrated ability to work with multiple chorales, multiple conductors, and adult singers of varying ability is required.

The Associate Artistic Director must demonstrate excellent and proven leadership, organizational, administrative and communications skills including: leading and directing professionals working collaboratively in program planning and development, providing staff support and development, and facilitating the development and implementation of special events.


  1. Assist in providing artistic leadership and coordinate support for all Encore Chorales, Encore ROCKS and affiliates and summer programs.
  2. Assist in developing artistic musical programs for Encore and work with the Artistic Director to ensure that they are implemented throughout the organization and its affiliates as appropriate.
  3. Assist the Artistic Director is developing and implementing an annual artistic plan for Encore and its affiliates.  In conjunction with these planning activities, assist in preparing an annual choral program operating budget for inclusion in the overall Encore annual budget to be presented to the Board for review and approval.
  4. Assist the Artistic Director in recruiting and interviewing new conductors.  Assist in providing training and ongoing support to the conductors for all Encore Chorales, ROCKS and affiliates as appropriate.  Assist the Artistic Director in maintaining regular communication with conductors, monitoring their work and relationships with their singers, visiting their rehearsals and doing critiques on their rehearsals.
  5. Work with the Artistic Director to assure all Encore Chorales and ROCKS have appropriate rehearsal space and to identify and obtain appropriate concert venues.
  6. Work with Artistic Director to maintain and support new and recurring program activities and special events (such as yearly concert tour and summer Choral and ROCKS Institutes).
  7. Assist the Artistic Director in researching, choosing and ordering music for fall and spring concert seasons, summer chorale and ROCKS Institutes and any special events such as Open Houses or Summer Sings.
  8. Assist the Artistic Director to inform and educate Board members about Encore’s artistic vision and related challenges.  Help to develop the artistic program.
  9. Assist in monitoring all Encore artistic programs and those of affiliates to assure that they are of the highest quality and serve the interest of the participants.
  10. Work with the Artistic Director to conduct outreach activities, including cultivating partnerships in the community with the goal of establishing new Encore Chorales, Encore ROCKS, and summer programs and research geographic areas and populations underserved by Encore.
  11. In coordination with the Artistic Director, cultivate and maintain donor relationships and support Encore’s fundraising efforts as needed.
  12. Collaborate with the Artistic Director in developing program communications, serving in an outreach capacity as a key representative to the public and music community.
  13. Serve as conductor/director for a determined number of chorales and for recurring programs and special events as needed.
  14. Coordinate with Artistic Director and Executive Director in developing event promotional activities to ensure that logistical and personnel support is arranged.
  15. Establish Chorale Master (volunteer administrative position for each program) relationships in chorales and ROCKS, initiate and respond to communications with individual participants as needed, and contribute regularly to Encore’s newsletter, as appropriate.
  16. Assist in recruiting and supporting visiting artists as required.
  17. Perform other duties as assigned by Artistic Director.


The Associate Artistic Director must be an optimistic and resilient leader who is inspired by the organization’s mission, vision, and values and is excited to advance the organization as a vibrant and indispensable musical leader and community partner in the region.  The Associate Artistic Director will be an intellectually curious, versatile, and assertive professional and a hands-on manager ready to do “whatever it takes.”  A problem-solver with strong communication skills, this individual will also be able to thrive within an organizational culture that values collaboration, practicality and sensitivity to customer needs.

Other key competencies include:

  • Self-Management and Personal Accountability – Prioritize and complete tasks necessary to meet or exceed the mutually agreed upon expectations of the role while being accountable for personal and professional actions.
  • Stakeholder Focus – Commit to singer, staff, and volunteer satisfaction, with a high value on multiple stakeholder needs. Anticipate challenges and develop appropriate solutions.
  • Diplomacy and Interpersonal Skills – Embrace different points of view constructively, resolve conflicts, and bring cohesion to a wide array of stakeholders while interacting with them in a positive manner, treating them fairly, and listening carefully to what they have to say with patience and a sense of humor.


The Associate Artistic Director will be considered a candidate to advance to the position of Artistic Director within two years.

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