Peer Learning Forums

Chorus America convenes special interest groups, including area chorus leaders, emerging leaders, and others who share similar professional attributes. These groups vary from year to year and meet both in-person and online. Two groups (below) maintain a longstanding meeting schedule for those who qualify.

Leadership Development Forum

The Leadership Development Forum (LDF) is a gathering of the executive directors of the largest-budget choruses within Chorus America's membership. Meetings are typically held twice a year with the goal of enabling leading managers to excel professionally and advance their organizations by sharing ideas and experiences in a vibrant learning community.  LDF meetings are open to the chief administrative leaders of member choruses in good standing with budgets of $1 million or more (for the past three years).

Professional Chorus Conductors Forum

The Professional Chorus Conductor's Forum (PCCF) meets each summer at Chorus America's Annual Conference. The mission of the forum is to provide a way for conductors of professional choruses to meet regularly and discuss topics and artistic matters that affect their choruses and work. PCCF meetings are open to the artistic leader of a chorus that 1) is a professional or professional-core member of Chorus America; 2) has an annual payroll for professional singers of at least $25,000; and 3) whose professional singers independently perform at least three different concert programs per season.

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