Patron-Based Marketing in the Digital Age

12 Jun 2013

12:30pm - 3:30pm

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In-Depth Seminar

Informed by two decades of arts consumer study, the consulting firm TRG Arts firmly believes that 2013 is the year choral organizations must frame their marketing efforts around The Patron. Knowing who buys your tickets, subscribes, and contributes—as well as when and by how much—is the best way to inform how you package, price, and promote your programs. The best part: it’s a matter of focus. Every organization can use the information and skills they have to market better. In this three-hour workshop, veteran consultant Joanne Steller will share best marketing practices that are patron-based, time-proven and updated for the digital age. You’ll take home strategic ideas on building lasting loyalty and revenue that can sustain your organization.

 Introduction: Freddie Coleman, conductor and artistic director, Seattle Choral Company

Presenter: Joanne Steller, vice president, strategic communications | TRG Arts

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