Benjamin Britten Centenary Articles

In celebration of the Britten centennial in 2013, this issue of American Choral Review features two articles on the music of Benjamin Britten: distinguished scholar Alfred Whittall offers reflections on the composer’s choral writing, and co-authors Thomas Folan and Nancy S. Niemi explore issues of identity in Britten’s Cantata Academica.

Beneath the African Sky

A girl. A story. A song.

For the composing team of Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory, inspiration usually comes in the form of a story that grabs them and won’t let go. Such was the case with “Beneath the African Sky”—a lullaby for a lost refugee girl that has become a cry for justice and a song of hope for children’s choruses around the world.

Noteworthy: A "Nonsense" Poem Becomes A Full-Length Choral Work

Using text from beloved author Lewis Carroll, composer Maurice Saylor adapted a well known "nonsense" poem into a full-length choral work for Cantate Chamber Singers (Washington DC). Gisele Becker, music director of the Singers and director of choral activities at George Washington University, explains the process of collaborating on a new composition derived from this unlikely source. 

Noteworthy: A Cantata from a Prolific Synagogue Composer

Max Janowski's Jewish liturgical works have become standard repertoire for many congregations. Jonathan Miller, founder and artistic director of Chicago a cappella, introduces us to a little-known Janowski cantata with a compelling message of peace.

Noteworthy: A Spotlight on Under-the-Radar Choral Repertoire

Chorus America’s Noteworthy web series highlights choral repertoire that may not be familiar to you—yet. Each month, a different conductor, music director, or other artistic professional recommends a piece of music that hasn't been widely noticed, but in his or her opinion, deserves to be heard.

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David Hamilton’s Music for Choir and Keyboard or Solo Instruments

Research Memorandum Series No. 203

This article is a companion to Research Memorandum Series No. 202 Winter 2012/13, “David Hamilton’s Music for Choir and Instrumental Ensemble”, also providing insight into the work of this prolific composer and music educator from New Zealand.

A National Library of Men's Choral Music

As all-male colleges went coed in the 1970s, they left something important behind: their music. The Washington Men's Camerata is working to preserve this historic resource.

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