Generally having to do with chorus management

Travel Tips

Tour company executives answer questions posed by Chorus America members.

7 Tips for Photographing Your Chorus

These tips from choruses and the photographers they work with will help you get images that represent your organization at its best.

Boards, Measure Thyselves!

The most effective boards measure their own performance. Governance expert Nancy Axelrod shares her insights into self-evaluation for your organization.

Michael Kaiser On Building Healthy Arts Organizations

In addition to expanding educational and artistic programming as president of the Kennedy Center, Michael Kaiser has become a prominent leader in arts management. Here are some of the insights he shared at Chorus America's 2014 Conference.

Member Spotlight: Gretchen Kuhrmann

How Choralis Attracts Young People

Gretchen Kuhrmann is the director of Choralis, a Northern Virginia-based chorus that will perform Bob Chilcott’s Requiem at the Chorus America conference on June 12. Chorus America asked her about the concert and her program to train and recruit young singers.

Back from the Brink

How the Minnesota Chorale Bounced Back from an Orchestra Shutdown

What happens when a long-time relationship with an orchestra goes away—taking with it a third of your organization's income?  Shock, dismay, and then a determination to rally around your core mission.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Communicating with Children/Youth Chorus Constituents Today

Social media, email, text messaging, and more. Within the changing landscape of technology and communication methods, how do leaders of children/youth choruses navigate the most effective strategies for maintaining communication with choristers, parents, and alumni?

Chorus Operations Survey Report (2013)

Chorus America's annual survey of the operations of choruses, the Chorus Operations Survey Report includes more than 30 different analyses, from number of board meetings to board giving, from ticket pricing to chorus dues amounts, from accompanist pay practices to marketing efficiency. The 2013 report features data from the 2011-2012 season. If you are interested in learning more about the survey's findings and other critical arts research, you can find Chorus America's latest webinar, "Research Your Chorus Should Know About!" on-demand here

Member Spotlight: Kathleen Fargnoli

An Unexpected Journey to Executive Director

Kathleen Fargnoli didn't anticipate that her love for singing would lead her to putting together a board or applying for 501(c)(3) status. But that's exactly what happened when she ended up as the volunteer executive director of the Palisades Community Chorus in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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