Community Engagement

Civic Engagement and Community Outreach have been used so interchangeably in our tagging that we propose using one tag: "Community Engagement" instead

Member Spotlight: Donald Schell, Music That Makes Community

Making music makes us human. So says Donald Schell, who along with his colleague Rick Fabian, leads Music That Makes Community, an organization that helps churches and other community groups break down the barriers to confident and nourishing group singing.

Member Spotlight; Melinda Pollack-Harris, Sing to Live Community Chorus, Chicago

When Melinda Pollack-Harris was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, she needed music to face the challenge. That was the inspiration for Sing to Live Community Chorus for women, loved ones, and friends touched by cancer.

Community Sings: Resources

Want to learn more about organizing or leading a community sing? Here are some resources to explore.

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