Sebastian & Sons

25 Mar 2018

3939 Stonebridge Rd, Dayton OH 45419


Kettering Adventist Church



Presenting Organization/Ensemble:

Bach Society of Dayton

Conductor/Keynote Speaker:

John Neely / Ellen Exner

Sebastian & Sons explores the musical legacy of the J.S. Bach family. Their music. Their relationships. The sights and sounds of their lives. It's a multi-artful concert with the Bach Society chorus, actors from The Human Race Theatre Company, and musicians from the Dayton Philharmonic.

Chorus. Orchestra. Theatre.
Imagine: 60 singers raising their voices in glory. An orchestra enters: flutes weave their high notes skyward, strings sing, and the timpani booms! A man in 18th century costume enters and remembers how music brought comfort to his family's home.
At 3:00pm, an hour before the concert, musicologist Ellen Exner from New England Conservatory offers a view into the music and the legacy of the Bach family.
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