Resound Ensemble Fall Concert: Quicksand Years

Resound Ensemble
Noe Valley Ministry, 1021 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA
Event date: 
10 Nov 2017 to 13 Nov 2017
Start Time: 
Fri. & Sat. 8pm; Mon. 7:30pm
Conductor / Keynote Speaker: 
Lucik Aprahamian

The theme of this concert, "Quicksand Years," is named after a piece of the same title in our program. The text is taken from Walt Whitman's collection of poems from 1855, Leaves of Grass


QUICKSAND YEARS that whirl me I know not whither,


Your schemes, politics, fail—lines give way—substances mock and elude me;


Only the theme I sing, the great and strong-possess’d Soul, eludes not;


One’s-self must never give way—that is the final substance—that out of all is sure;


Out of politics, triumphs, battles, life—what at last finally remains?


When shows break up, what but One’s-Self is sure?


Written over 160 years ago, the message still resonates today: in all the chaos that surrounds us, the thing that remains is the Self. In that Self resides the fertile ground for creation - for bringing to life a new vision of a better and more just world.
The repertoire for this concert includes music from the traditional canon, like Samuel Barber's Reincarnations, a work rarely performed in its entirety, René Clausen's Three Whitman Settings, and newer works like Ola Gjeilo's Ubi Caritas, Ernani Aguiar's Salmo 150, a setting by Taylor Davis of How Can I Keep from Singing, and the piece Prayer of the Children composed by Kurt Bestor as a response to the civil war and ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia in the 1990s. The concert ends with Juris Karlsons's Rotala, an exuberant piece about joining together in a dance! We have the honor of presenting the world premiere our commissioned piece by Anne Hege, To Those Born Later, a three-movement work set to the poem of Bertolt Brecht. To Those Born Later is written for chorus, violin, clarinet, and horn, and includes electronic media. Hege is Resound's composer and artist in residence for 2017.
Under the direction of Luçik Aprahämian, Resound Ensemble is a chamber chorus of volunteer mixed voices based in San Francisco. We believe that ensemble singing is a visible metaphor of different people coming together to create beauty and harmony. We believe there is no disconnect between art and popular music, and we juxtapose unlike pieces to reveal something impossible if they were performed alone. When people ask us about the music we sing, we often say we're the ensemble of the shuffle generation!
Resound is made up of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds — teachers, small business owners, scientists, tech workers, videographers, even a few professional musicians — who assemble on Wednesday nights to create amazing music together.

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