"Melancholy, Desire and Joy" The Sonatas of Corelli, Bach & Handel in Lakeville

Lakeville United Methodist Church
319 Main Street
Event date: 
25 Aug 2018
Start Time: 
4:00 p.m.

The warm and expressive tone of the Baroque flute (traverso) so moved its audiences when it emerged toward the end of the 17th century in Paris that it quickly became a very popular instrument there and in the rest of Europe. Corelli’s Sonatas Op. 5, originally written for violin, were arranged in his lifetime for the traverso. The Op. 5 collection is a masterpiece, and it influenced Baroque composers like Handel and Bach, who admired and studied them.
Duo Les Inégales - Rodrigo Tarraza, traverso, and Christine Gevert, harpsichord, perform some of the greatest sonatas of these three composers.

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