Dusk and Dawn: Music of Light and Dark

Washington, DC.
20 Oct 2018
Conductor / Keynote Speaker: 
Scott Tucker and Brandon Straub
4:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Presenting Organization/Ensemble: 
Choral Arts Chamber Singers and Choral Arts Youth Choir

Awash in music inspired by light and dark, Artistic Director Scott Tucker has created a program that evokes both the literal and mystical imagery attributed to these fundamental themes. Including R. Murray Schafer’s Epitaph for Moonlight, Jake Runestad’s Spirited Light, and Sarah Hopkins’ Past Life Melodies, this performance will feature the Choral Arts Chamber Singers conducted by Scott Tucker and the Choral Arts Youth Choir conducted by Brandon Straub.

Choral Arts Chamber Singer
Scott Tucker, conductor 

Choral Arts Youth Choir
Brandon Straub, conductor
Tickets $30
More information: http://choralarts.org/events/dusk-and-dawn/
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/242191213183053/

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