Vox Virtual - A Cappella Online

Classical Movements
Event date: 
22 Aug 2020 to 29 Aug 2020
Conductor / Keynote Speaker: 
Anúna (Ireland) Cantus (USA) Ensemble Rustavi (Georgia) Isaac Cates & Ordained (USA) Insingizi (Zimbabwe) Les Itinérantes (France), Accent (International) Nairyan Vocal Ensemble (Armenia) Olga Vocal Ensemble (Iceland and Netherlands) The Swingles (United Kingdom)

10 International Vocal Ensembles Connect With Audiences around the World in First-of-Its-Kind Virtual Festival of Singing



Visit https://voxvirtual.is/ for more information.


About the Festival

Classical Movements will co-present the inaugural Vox Virtual from August 22-29, 2020, an online a cappella festival featuring 10 small professional vocal ensembles from around the world to remind each other that the musical community is strong, even when physically separated, and to spread beautiful music and a sense of togetherness around the world.


Conceived by Olga Vocal Ensemble and inspired by the model of Classical Movements’ Serenade! Choral Festival, which has brought international choirs and vocal groups (including Olga in 2018) to the D.C. metropolitan area every year since 2011 for joint concerts, workshops and a grand finale featuring individual and collaborative performances by all of the participating choirs. Vox Virtual will feature daily livestreamed concerts, interviews and workshops.


Normally, artists only share their own content on their social media channels. This festival will be the first of its kind where artists will cross-promote each other’s performances for every concert featured during the festival in order to be united in the world during this socially distanced time. 


Six Free Livestreamed Concerts

Over the course of the week, participating ensembles will livestream five free concerts, each featuring two ensembles, and one Finale concert featuring all nine. All of the artists will livestream all concerts and interviews on their Facebook pages and YouTube channels on a daily basis during August 22-29.


The concerts will be presented free of charge, but audience members will be able to support the Vox Virtual ensembles by purchasing access to exclusive video workshops and other prerecorded material, as well as to make donations. All proceeds and any additional donations will be shared evenly by the participating organizations.


About the Workshops

Ever wanted to learn overtone singing? Or how to achieve a better blend in your ensemble singing? Or about the hidden stories behind the songs? Vox Virtual will feature a wide range of video workshops by our artists, giving in depth instruction on topics like vocal technique, composing, arranging, and musicianship in the modern world.


Details on workshop themes, pricing and how to sign up or donate are available here.


Vox Virtual is jointly presented by Classical Movements and Olga Vocal Ensemble

Classical Movements founder and president Neeta Helms comments: “After leading the way for a decade with the Serenade! Festival and our company’s history of bringing musicians together all over the world for 27 years, this seems an important way to use that vision to support ensembles whose livelihoods have been disrupted by the pandemic and the cancellation of so many live performances. Classical Movements is proud to lend our name to this new project and to offer our resources and experience to its planning.”


Says Philip Barkhudarov of Olga: “After twiddling our musical thumbs for some time during the COVID-19 lockdown, we had an idea: we could connect some incredible artists together and create a new, shared space online. Together, we’d be able to inspire our entire collective audience while supporting the artists in these difficult times when live performances are impossible. And so, Vox Virtual was born.”


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