Encore Chorale and ROCKS Summer Institute in the Colorado Rockies

Encore Creativity for Older Adults
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO
Event date: 
19 Jul 2020 to 23 Jul 2020
Conductor / Keynote Speaker: 
Jeanne Kelly, Encore's Founder and Artistic Director, and Brian Leatherman, conductor of Encore's Highland Ranch and Littleton Encore Chorales, Encore's Colorado affiliate

Encore is coming to the Colorado Rocky Mountains where campers can sing traditional choral repertoire and rock & roll hits.  Highlights include a celebratory grand opening dinner and a final concert in the beautiful Griffin Concert Hall. 

Encore Creativity for Older Adults,  America’s largest and fastest-growing choral organization for adults over 55, will again provide the opportunity for older adults to sing, learn and perform at four Encore Summer Institutes in 2020. At its newest camp in Fort Collins, CO, singers start the morning with a dance or movement class and continue with rehearsals, sight reading and vocal technique workshops throughout the day.  In the evenings, there are social activities and live musical performances by well-known artists. Participants will enjoy the modern dormitories at CSU and delicious meals in the Dining Hall. At the end of the program, singers  perform in a final concert. Both newcomers and singers from Encore’s 23 ensembles across the country are welcome. Not only do the camps present an enriching environment, but they also creates a new community for participants. “We aim to provide an unparalleled experience for our singers where they can enjoy beautiful surroundings, bond with friends old and new and share their passion for music with others,” said Jeanne Kelly, Encore’s Founder and Artistic Director. An all-inclusive package rate is $895 single occupancy or $795 double occupancy. There are also rates for commuters and non-singing spouses. For more information and registration, visit www.encorecreativity.org or call 301-261-5747.




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