“A Tribute to Wanda Landowska” Music by Froberger, and Louis and François Couperin

Trinity Limerock
484 Lime Rock Road, Lakeville, CT
Event date: 
06 Oct 2018
Start Time: 
6:00 p.m.

Fall 2018 Chamber Music Concert

World-renowned Polish harpsichordist Wladyslaw Klosiewicz comes to Lakeville CT, former home of the visionary performer Wanda Landowska, to play works by Johann Jakob Froberger, Louis Couperin and Francois Couperin.
The harpsichord was one of the most popular Baroque keyboard instruments. Its plucked strings have a rich sound, whose clarity informs the complex contrapuntal texture of Baroque music. Almost every baroque composer wrote for the harpsichord! The 17th century keyboard virtuoso Johann Jakob Froberger was the first composer writing titled, descriptive pieces for the harpsichord. He influenced his contemporaries, among them the French composer Louis Couperin and his famous nephew, François Couperin. The harpsichord suffered a long period of neglect through all of the 19th century. It was brought back to the concert platform by Ms. Landowska (1879-1959). This concert honors her legacy.
This concert is funded in part by Narol Enterprise and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

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