The 2019 Conducting Academy is a 7-day program focused on developing conductors' choral-orchestral skills. The Conducting Academy will be a positive learning environment that allows each participant to advance at their own pace. The program includes both formal and informal opportunities to connect with dedicated and accessible faculty members.

Program Descriptions

Conducting Fellows, $1,300

  • Repertoire: Fellows will have an opportunity to conduct repertoire including Mendelssohn's Elijah. Specific required edition information to come.
  • Conducting in Final Performance: The Academy will culminate in a final performance with orchestra in the University of Michigan's historic Hill Auditorium. Each fellow will receive an assignment to conduct in the performance, which will be video recorded.
  • Podium Time: Each Fellow will have 20 minutes of podium time each day, consisting of sessions with piano, string quintet, and chorus as well as sessions with full orchestra and chorus. All sessions will be videotaped.
  • Video Review Sessions: Video review sessions will be held each day.
  • Faculty Forums: The faculty will lead forums, dealing with issues such as performance practice, rehearsal technique, and the business of being a choral conductor.

Conducting Scholars, $950

  • Repertoire: Scholars will have an opportunity to conduct Mendelssohn's Elijah. Specific required edition information to come.
  • Conducting a string quintet: Each Scholar will receive an assignment to conduct in a special Scholar podium session with string quintet and chorus, which will be video recorded. 
  • Conducting Classes and Lessons: Faculty podium coaches will teach conducting classes specifically for Scholars during the week. Each Scholar will also receive an individual conducting lesson.
  • Observation of Podium Time: Scholars will observe faculty instruction of the Fellows. 
  • Faculty Forums: Scholars will have full access to the faculty forums.

Symposium Track, $450

  • Repertoire and Conducting Lessons: Participants will receive private conducting lessons on excerpts of Mendelssohn's Elijah with University of Michigan faculty. Specific required edition information to come.
  • Singing in a Performance Setting: Participants will be part of the Academy chorus, including during the final performance in Hill Auditorium.
  • Observation of Podium Time: Participants will observe faculty instruction of the Fellows and Scholars, in addition to receiving private conducting lessons.
  • Faculty Forums: Participants will have full access to the faculty forums.
  • Symposium Track Only Sessions: Reading sessions of new music as well as group sessions about choral pedagogy and technique will be held specifically for Symposium Track participants.

For more information, please contact: Christie McKinney, 202.331.7577 x250

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