Finance and Operations Manager

The St. John's Boys' Choir
Collegeville, MN
Type of Position: 
Application Deadline: 
Monday, February 15, 2021

NOTE: The deadline on this posting is arbitrary. The SJBC hopes to find the right candidate and fill this position as soon as possible. It is open until filled.


The Finance and Operations Manager (FOM) is responsible for the overall administration of the St. John’s Boys’ Choir. The FOM, with supervision from the AD, administers the day-to-day operations of the SJBC, working to maintain and strengthen communication systems which link the components of the organization. The FOM works with the Board of Directors, the AD, and the Development Manager (DM) to develop the long-range goals of the organization.

This position is part-time due to current pandemic-related limitations but is built for growth to full-time when the St. John’s Boys’ Choir returns to full activities.


The Finance and Operations Manager must have the following minimum qualifications:

  • A minimum 2-year degree in a related field (e.g., finance, operations, management).

  • At least three years of demonstrated office management experience including:

    ○ Finance operations involving QuickBooks, payroll, and bank transactions.
    ○ Coordination of multiple departments’ scheduling and communications.
    ○ A proven track record of designing, implementing, and evaluating organizational systems for the purpose of efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Experience in event planning.

  • Exceptional time management skills.

The following qualifications are not mandatory but desirable:

  • Experience working with non-profit boards of directors.

  • Experience working with children and their parents.

  • Demonstrated experience in collaborative personnel management and fiscal management.

  • A basic understanding of musical terminology and the choral field.


The following abilities are required:

  • Communication - Strong written and oral communication skill.

  • Ability to Drive - The ability and the appropriate license to drive a motor vehicle.

  • Physical Abilities - The ability to stand, sit, lift up to 40 pounds, twist, bend, and maneuver equipment and musical apparatus.


The Finance and Operations Manager’s duties are split between fiscal and operations management of the choir.

 Fiscal Management

In collaboration with the Development Manager, fiscal management includes:

  • Daily implementation of financial operations.

  • Monthly review of income and expenses.

  • The review of an annual budget and, with supervision from the Board of Directors and the AD, long-range fiscal planning.

 Operations Management

In collaboration with the Artistic Director, operations management includes:

  • Managing logistical relationships between the organization and the choirboys, their families, the staff, the Parents’ Association, the Alumni, and the Board of Directors.

  • Leads project management of concerts and large events.

  • Responsibility for and supervision of the volunteer coordinator (if applicable), the volunteers, and volunteer activities.


In Addition - The FOM, with the rest of the staff must be able to commit to the following:

  • Modeling good behavior.

  • Physical set-up and dismantling of music rooms.

  • Supervision/safety of the boys.

  • Chaperoning tours/special events for Concert and Junior Varsity Choirs.

  • Communication amongst staff and with families.

  • Represent the organization well to the public.

  • Investigate professional development opportunities.

  • Support/contribute to the volunteer operations of the choir.

  • Agrees to and supports the mission statement of the choir.

  • Supervise student workers as needed.

The FOM serves on the Board of Directors as a non-voting ex officio member and provides regular reports on finances and operations.


Day-to-day, the FOM reports to the Artistic Director. The FOM also takes part in a 360-review process (self-review and anonymous reviews of all other positions and their staff, respectively) through which accountability considerations can be filtered to the Board of Directors.

Compensation and Benefits: 

Part-time, 30 hrs/wk


12-month contract with possible move to full-time following review

Application Procedure: 


This position will be open until filled. The St. John’s Boys’ Choir Board of Directors will review applications as they are received.

A background check will be required for this position.

Submit letter of application and resume to


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