For the 200th anniversary of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” a musicologist takes a closer look at the history of the anthem.

What choruses can learn from a dance company that uses its art form to help communities tell their own stories.

Gretchen Kuhrmann is the director of Choralis, a Northern Virginia-based chorus that will perform Bob Chilcott’s Requiem at the Chorus America conference on June 12. Chorus America asked her about the concert and her program to train and recruit young singers.

On an early spring day in San Francisco, a choir of seniors, wearing bright yellow stoles and smiles to match, takes the stage at the Community Music Center. Soon the singers are swaying to familiar Spanish-language folk songs and singing with growing assurance—urged on by their energetic conductor Martha Rodriguez-Salazar and accompanist Jennifer Peringer.

Jon Washburn's long-time fascination with the work of the Sufi poet Rumi led to a new collaboration inspired by the poet's 12th-century words.

Joyce Garrett knew from a young age that she wanted to work with choirs. What she didn't realize was that this desire would lead her to change the lives of hundreds of high school students along the way. 

Experienced song leaders share what they've learned about the special magic of bringing together a group of ordinary people in song.

Prison choirs help inmates reconnect with their self-worth and build a sense of community –both inside and outside prison walls.

If arts organizations want to stay relevant, the time has come to get serious about building connections with the wealth of creative activity in our communities.

How Nelson Mandela shaped a national anthem that united South Africans in song.

Talking about diversity is nothing new to us in the arts and cultural world. But to realize the fruits of these conversations, we need to move beyond the idea of diversity to a deeper level of understanding and respect for ourselves and others. 

While pursuing one of his favorite pastimes, conductor Mark Shapiro happened upon a groundbreaking piece from the Romantic era.

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